American Wind Energy Is Made In America

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Added: Sunday, August 6th, 2017
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American Wind Energy Is Made In America

Hear the story of Troy Galloway, an American whose job and neighborhood have been revitalized by wind turbine manufacturing. As of 2016, wind technician is the fastest growing profession in the US, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Read more here: Galloway worked in the steel industry for 15 years, before being laid off during the economic recession. The steel industry weakened in the US after competing countries, namely China, began producing cheaper steel. China succeeded, in part, due to a government subsidy program that provided economic advantages in exporting certain goods. (This program later ended after the U.S. challenged it at the World Trade Organization in early 2016, though China remains the leading steel exporter at the end of 2016).The wind industry provided a new pathway for Galloway to work a “feel good job,” which he takes pride in talking to his children about. Galloway feels stable knowing the wind industry will be in the future energy makeup. “I’m very proud to be working in the green energy industry,” says Galloway, who also notes that employment opportunities in the wind industry kept people from having to flee to other cities for work.

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