Energy EXPO 2017 Panel 7: Renewable Energy 2: Hydro, Solar, Wind

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Added: Sunday, August 6th, 2017
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Energy EXPO 2017 Panel 7: Renewable Energy 2: Hydro, Solar, Wind

Learn more at Wanner, Research Analyst, Industry Data and Analysis, American Wind Energy Association (AWEA)Ross Tyler, Strategy & Development Advisor, Business Network for Offshore WindThe Business Network for Offshore Wind is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that is leading the way toward building a robust offshore wind industry in the United States by bringing together top developers, global experts and member businesses. We have become the center for the offshore wind community and a place for access to education for critical business decision-making and unprecedented networking opportunities.Jacob Irving, President, Canadian Hydropower AssociationMeghan Harwood, Policy and Government Affairs Lead, Natel Energy, Inc.Natel Energy manufactures an innovative and proprietary low-head, distributed hydropower turbine, the hydroEngine. Natel is re-thinking the way that we develop new hydropower, providing reliable, operationally flexible renewable energy that is cost-effective, low-impact, and fish-friendly through standardized and modular design.Dave Zayas, Director of Regulatory Affairs & Technical Services, National Hydropower AssociationChristopher Mansour, VP Federal Affairs, Solar Energy Industries AssociationChristopher Mansour will talk about current solar industry data.The EXPO brought together 40 businesses, trade associations, and government agencies to showcase renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. In every state across the country, these technologies are having a significant impact in business development and job creation in the manufacturing, transmission, power, transportation, and building sectors.

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