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Antwi Akom, PhD is a thought leader on urban acupuncture, which focuses on people powered place-making, designing for the public good, community engagement for vulnerable populations, and making cities smarter through participatory planning practices that produce small and socially catalytic neighborhoods that are more affordable, livable, walkable, workable, and equitable for all. Named as a 21st Century Eco-visionary, Antwi has also been both an Echoing Green and Knight News Challenge finalist, winner of the Robert Woods Johnson Health Award, and recipient of other honors from Stanford, UC Berkeley, and the University of Pennsylvania. Antwis most recent enterprise, Streetwyze is a mobile platform that unleashes the power of local knowledge to improve community engagement and equitable development. Streetwyze was named by the White House as one of 12 new innovative data tools that can help Americans connect to opportunity, and is a platform provider for Rockefeller Foundations 100 Resilient Cities initiative. Over the years, Antwi has become a leading expert in the movement to make cities more transparent, open, connected, smart, sharable, and sustainable. He has held research appointments at UC Berkeley, the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and is currently a professor at San Francisco State University. His work has been featured in The Atlantic, Green Biz, PBS News Hour, and NPR. Check out his TED Talk, “Innovation out of poverty” here:

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