REN21 Renewables Academy 2014 The Next Decade

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Added: Tuesday, July 18th, 2017
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REN21 Renewables Academy 2014 The Next Decade

the past decade, the growth in renewable energies has trumped the expectations of many scenarios, with several anticipated 2020 levels already being exceeded in 2010. Renewables, once considered as potential alternatives to traditional energy sources, are now deployed on a large-scale. Between 2004 and 2013 the global annual market for renewable power quadrupled from 30 GW/a to more than 120 GW/a. Support policies increased exponentially with 138 countries having implemented support policies in 2013, and since 2004, trillion has been invested in the field of renewable these advances show a clear mainstreaming and greater acceptance of renewables over the last decade, the question is now how to maintain and accelerate this momentum. Various actors, publications, the REN21 Global Futures Report, and scenarios have attempted to glimpse into the proverbial crystal ball to see what the coming decade may bring for renewable energies: Will the SE4ALL 2030 goal of doubling the share of renewables be met? How could possible pathways towards 100 % renewable energy look like? What role will the various energy actors, particularly consumers, play in the energy transition? What potential opportunities and challenges are on the horizon for renewables?The session will:- Look back at the last decade and present some lessons learnt- Provide an overview of discussions held at the REN21 Renewables Academy in the different sessions- Discuss outlook on next decade of renewable energy- Discuss the role of the consumer in the global energy transitionModeratorMohamed El-AshryPanelists:Arthouros Zervos, REN21Dolf Gielen, IRENA Muzi ZhangKevin NassiepErnesto Macias Adam Brown, IEASven Teske, GreenpeaceClaire Roumet, Energy cities

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