Renewable energy will be cheapest form of electricity in 2030:...

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Added: Thursday, August 3rd, 2017
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Renewable energy will be cheapest form of electricity in 2030: Greenpeace

, 2030 G20 With the G20 summit underway in Hamburg,… a new report suggests wind and solar power will be the cheapest form of electricity in every G20 country by the year 2030.The study — carried out by Greenpeace Germany — highlights how renewable energy has become cheaper or equal in price to traditional energy sources like coal and nuclear power since 2015.The report says the average cost of generating power from solar worldwide dropped 17 percent,… onshore wind 18 percent,… and offshore wind costs by 28 percent.It adds that any G20 country that’s still focused on coal or nuclear power is wasting their money on technology that will not be competitive in the coming years. Visit Arirang News Official PagesFacebook(NEWS): http://www.arirang.comFacebook:

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