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Review of procurement rules and practices of PEMEX in Mexico – OECD


The OECD recognised that the new internal procurement regime included important improvements in relation to the general public procurement regime previously in place. For example, the pre-tender market analysis, which is the main source of information to take decisions about procurement strategies, now takes into consideration a wider set of sources.

Also, PEMEX uses a new methodology to identify procurement strategies that get the best deal in terms of value for money on the basis of an analysis of historical spending, the needs of the company and the results of market analysis. It also created new electronic tools to get to know better its suppliers. 

On top of these positive developments, the OECD report identifies areas for improvement and discusses how PEMEX can continue developing its internal regime to render its procedures more competitive and immune to collusion. 

Some of the most salient findings of the report are that PEMEX does not have a specialised department to conduct market analysis, it often uses exceptions to open public tenders and there is no mechanism in place to detect red flags for bid rigging.

Amongst the 27 recommendations made by the OECD to PEMEX, the main ones include:

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